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Edgewood Memorial Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas: May 2010

Edgewood Memorial Park is in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  I was searching for the graves of some relatives: my great-grandfather’s younger brother, their niece (the daughter of another brother), and her husband and son. 

Background: “Wild Bill” Luhrsen, Lucille Luhrsen Brown, Lucille’s husband Leland Brown, and their son Leland Frederick Brown.  Wild Bill played for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1913.  He and two of his brothers (Louis and Gus) moved to Little Rock in the late 1890s/early 1900s from Iroquois County, Illinois. They lived with a maternal aunt and uncle who had moved there from St. Louis, Missouri.  Both Louis and Bill remained in Little Rock for the rest of their lives; Gus Luhrsen settled in St. Louis around 1912.

The office was closed when I got there and the cemetery was fairly large—Find a Grave lists 3,053 interments, but it is much larger than that—and it took me a few minutes to locate the graves.  As I believe I said on the previous post, it was a beautiful day to scour cemeteries. 

The Luhrsen plot at Edgewood Memorial Park.  May 2010.

“Wild Bill” Luhrsen (1884-1973).  May 2010.
Lucille Luhrsen Brown (1912-2007) and her family. 
Lucille's didn't have a date of death, but the ground indicated a burial in the last few years.  May 2010.

Leland Brown (1922-1986). Leland was 10 years Lucille's junior.  May 2010.

Leland Frederick Brown (1952-1968).  May 2010.

Luhrsen Plot in Edgewood Memorial Park.  May 2010.

I still find it interesting that Lucille is buried with her uncle rather than with her parents, siblings, and grandparents at Elmlawn in Little Rock.  Neither of Wild Bill's two children are buried with him: his daughter Marilynn is buried in Rest Hills Memorial Park in North Little Rock, and his son William, Jr. is buried in Waveland, Mississippi.  Availability and other family ties can explain this, however. 

Edgewood is well-kept.  You may want to visit the office or call in advance to get directions to where people are buried in advance of going. 

Edgewood Memorial Park is located at:

4200 Division Street
North Little Rock, AR
72118, US
Phone: (501) 753-3930

If you have any questions or comments about the cemetery, my photos, or the people mentioned in this post, I'd love to hear from you.  And have a happy holiday!

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