Monday, August 11, 2014

Halbrook Family Reunion 2014

Our family recently attended a reunion of descendants of Oscar Halbrook (1889-1981) and Effie Crocker (1891-1955). I have added a number of “new” (to me) cousins on Facebook and will be sharing this post on my wall there.

The reunion was held on the 123rd birthday of Effie Jane Crocker at Sam A. Baker State Park. At the reunion, my focus was on all things Halbrook. I wasn’t the only one! Other Halbrooks enjoy genealogy, and I’m glad we’ll be sharing research.

Cousins, thank you for holding this family reunion. We had a wonderful time. It’s been some 28 years since the last one and I hope only a year until the next. This reunion has inspired me to write a post about the Halbrook-Crocker family. 

Oscar Marcus Halbrook was born on November 2, 1889. His parents were George Washington Halbrook and Rebecca Adaline Denton.

Oral history has George Washington Halbrook running away from the family. Census records would suggest this happening between 1900 and 1910, when his wife, Rebecca Adaline Denton, is listed as married but George Washington Halbrook is not present. By the next census, she is listed as widowed. I do not know whether she received word of his death, had him declared dead, or just assumed it. I have not found record of George Washington Halbrook after 1900. If you’ve heard this and/or have other information about him, please leave a comment.

Family legend also states that Rebecca Adaline Denton Halbrook was part Native American. My grandmother once mentioned to me that a grandmother of hers was part “Indian,” and I have heard this from Halbrook cousins. Please comment if you’ve heard this before about one of our female ancestresses. Be sure to mention who told you, what tribe you heard mentioned and any other details. I would love to investigate her background.

Effie Jane Crocker was born on August 2, 1891. Her parents were Sidney Stanton Crocker and Amanda “Mandy” Keith. She had10 children, 8 of whom survived to adulthood.  Descendants of four of these children were present at the reunion.

Grave of Oscar Halbrook and Effie Crocker Halbrook.
(c) Travels with My Foremothers 2011 for use only with permission.

I highly recommend a visit to the cemetery where Oscar and Effie are buried, Bollinger County Memorial ParkCemetery. It’s well-kept and has a nice memorial wall and quality facilities, which cemetery-seekers will surely appreciate.

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